My name is Dan Redznack; I am 17 years old and play football for Mansfield High School. I am currently going into my senior year. I don’t know where to start when describing Bruce. Prior to him becoming my trainer, Bruce was my football coach during my pop warner years. As a coach and former football player, Bruce understood the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to achieve your goals. Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school, I needed a trainer to help me become stronger to prepare for playing football at the Varsity level; and Bruce answered the call. Choosing Bruce as my trainer has been perhaps one of the most beneficial decisions of my young life. We began work as soon as I reached out to him; intense one hour workouts at the gym. Bruce was always on time to meet me, even getting there a few minutes early to prepare my workout. As far as the workouts went, Bruce took the football concepts of perseverance, hard work, and never quitting and transferred them to the weight room. Bruce always pushed me to my limits, no matter the circumstances. I admit, there were times when I felt discouraged because I could not get the last rep. But regardless, Bruce always picked me up with positive reinforcement, telling me to, “Forget about that set. You’ll get it next time. Keep working kid.” This always gave me the emotional boost I needed to complete my sets and get the most out of my sessions with Bruce. Bruce would tailor each workout to my specific needs. As one of the smaller athletes in the football program, I needed to get stronger to hold my own with the bigger players. Going into my sophomore year, my one rep bench max sat at a mere 95 pounds. After about a year of training with Bruce, my one rep bench max reached 185 pounds. I truly believe this is due to Bruce pushing me to my limits and his ability to personalize each workout to better fit my needs. He always pushed me for one more rep. Bruce never let me take the easy way out. Never let me take a day off. Never let me quit. And this all paid off in the end. Not only did he challenge me to push my bounds, he also taught me the proper way to lift with his, “Quality, not Quantity” philosophy. Bruce taught me that doing the lift correctly was more important than the amount of weight lifted. Bruce is hands down the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. There is no other trainer out there that puts as much passion and time into each individual client than Bruce does. Thank You Bruce for all that you have done for me!

-Dan Redznack


Several years ago, I met Bruce at the gym where he was working closely with a young athlete.
For many weeks I observed his energy, dedication, and commitment in developing that athlete to improve her strength, flexibility, and confidence.
Bruce provides perfect instruction for all athletic skill levels, and he creates a program for each athlete to improve.
His support and encouragement to the young athletes is remarkable.
My daughters have worked with Bruce for some time. They LOVE their training time with him.
He will challenge them to improve, and expects focus and strong effort from his athletes.
He encourages them to train hard and with purpose. They laugh, share stories and have fun on the way during their challenging workouts!
Bruce is an outstanding trainer; and a VERY POSITIVE MENTOR for his athletes.
For my family , He is much more than a gifted trainer and friend; he is part of our family !

– Paul Alexander


Before I began working out with Bruce, I was intimidated with the thought of working out in the gym. I rarely wanted to do anything out of my comfort zone, and I had difficulty pushing myself through plateaus. I was comfortable sticking with my regular workout routine.

When I worked out with Bruce Burley for the first time I was pushed far beyond my comfort zone !!! But I did it !!!
Bruce would NEVER accept my “I can’t”.
Bruce always made me push through, and never let me quit.
I have been working out with Bruce for a year now. Going to the gym for a workout is no longer intimidating.
The many exercises that were once a struggle for me,are much easier now.
When pushed I will no longer say “I can’t” because Bruce Burley taught me that
“ I can, and I will ! “
Bruce will always be there to help!
He is THE BEST !!
– Claire Alexander